A Betoota Heights bottle shop employee has raised the hairy caterpillars that sit above his eyes today, after fielding a left field question from some interesting looking customers.

Harry Hicks (31) said the confusion came a short time ago, after a couple of disheveled looking university students came into the store and hit him with a weird request.

“Yeah they were milling around like a bunch of cattle in a holding pen for quite some time, and I initially began to think I might have to keep an eye on them,” explained Hicks, a man who owns 52 different types of branded hats and beanies.

“I was keeping an eye on em, because, you know – in case anyone was thinking about taking advantage of a five finger discount.”

While initially suspicious that the students where going to pull a Scott Morrison and take control of things that didn’t belong to them, Hicks said had his concerns eased.

 “But then, the ringleader came up to me and asked if we had any of those zero drinks from Japan,” he laughed.

“Then they started saying minus drinks, and I started to wonder if I was having an episode and couldn’t understand language anymore”

“Or maybe they were chasing something I can’t sell em, if ya know what I mean.”

Hicks then said that after some rambled back and forth, they finally got to the bottom of the question at hand.

“Eventually one of them piped up and said Suntory lemon drinks, and then I was able to figure out what they wanted… minus 196!”

“Bit of Bill Murray lost in translation if ya know what I mean.”

“I tried to give them the spiel about how lemons are frozen at minus 196 degrees, and it’s called -196 here, but they were just too keen to get to their party to listen too hard.”

“So, I pointed them towards the -196s and sent them on their merry way.”

“Bless em”

“God damn I’d love to be young again like that. Not a care in the world.”

“Take me back.”


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