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A JBL PartyBox is blasting in Mt Druitt this morning, as the Penrith Panthers kick off the first day of their Mad Monday celebrations.

Following their Grand Final win over the Parramatta Eels, it’s understood two buses of Penrith players and support staff are on route to an undisclosed location, to kickstart their month long bend into November.

Leading the charge with a curated playlist of Western Sydney drill rap anthems, it’s believed Jarome Luai and Brian To’o have taken it upon themselves to commandeer the aux cord, and fire up the team for an all time day on the turps.

Seated just a few rows from the front, witnesses say Liam ‘The Temora Terrier’ Martin has gingerly approached the pair and asked if it’s possible to add some country tunes to the playlist, the kind of music usually blared around a campfire at a B&S Ball in the Riverina.

“Oi boys, can we add like one Luke Combs song in there, pretty please?’ asked Martin, nervous to disrupt the flow of trap heavy beats.

“How about ‘1,2 Many’, it’s got a bit of a party feel to it!”

“Marto, ya country music it shit brah!” replied Luai.

“But whateverrrrr, we’ll put one in there just for you and Yoo-ee!”

More to come.


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