Like many others around the country, Dane Rathbone has frocked up in his best today.

One of the biggest days on the nation’s calendar, Rathbone has decided to go all out wearing his best kit – the kit he usually saves for his annual court appearances.

Breaking out the black suit and the white shoes he wore to a hearing at the District Court last week, Dane told The Advocate he is raring to go.

“Pretty good that I got to bust the suit out twice in a week,” he said to us moments ago.

“Slightly better occasion than last week as well,” he laughed.

Rathbone told us the Magistrate gave him a hard time for his 4th DUI charge, but he is doing ‘some course’ and should be sweet to drive again in a few months.

“Nothing to stress about today anyway,” said the man nigh on screaming ‘Yewwwwww’ everyone couple of minutes on the crowded public transport he made his way to the track on.

“Fucking knocked over a few already aye (sic).”

“Don’t mind a couple of white eggs for breakfast.”

Rathbone then told us that he would be going on the nose of ‘some thing his uncle reckons should be good for it’.

“Anyway, I’m off,” he said.

“These tins aren’t gonna sink themselves.”



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