Local Girl Refers To European Countries As Though They Are Actual People On Instagram

Local Girl Refers To European Countries As Though They Are Actual People On Instagram


The Betoota Advocate have today uncovered damning revelations about deluded ‘microinfluencers’ who are attempting to communicate with European tourist hotspots as if they were actual people.

The Betoota local at the centre of the investigation is currently making the most of her University break by traveling through Europe and pumping out at least one Instagram every two days for her majority tradie/teenage boy following.

Sharni’s concerning relationship with the European countries started with a caption that simply stated “Hello Spain!” on her Instagram midway through last month.

While this was likely the first stop of her boozy Contiki tour, experts considered it to be an acceptable upload, given the excitement of her arrival.

However, several weeks later it was followed by “Thanks for having me France, it’s been a pleasure. Hope you are ready for me Italy!”

Concerns grew among family and friends back home, as the communications student continued to try to reach out to different countries. Potentially a desperate please to grow her following.

The final tipping point arrived “Where have you been all my life, Croatia?”

A team of experts, accompanied by her concerned father, boarrded a plane straight to the Ios’ “Far Out Beach Club” in search of the young lady after she posted “Greece, please don’t ever change”.

A couple of Western Australian locals spending their 16th consecutive summer in Ios said they had met with Sharni, and were informed that she had headed to Lagos.

It was back to the drawing board. After 24 hours in transit, the team made it to Lagos’ Rising Cock Hostel. Hopes of finding the young lady grew when she posted “Lagos you have been incredible”. Waiting within Grand Café

As expected, the young influencer strutted into Grand Café and was immediately deported back to Australia.

Even handcuffed, the influencer found time to post her favourite photo of the holiday with the caption “Thanks Europe – you were good to me. I’ll be back”.

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