The still current President of the United States has today had a much-needed win.

After making par on a couple of holes, Donald Trump managed to stay ahead of some businessman he was playing and subsequently called time on the round.

This comes 24 hours after the election was called against him, despite him having an early lead in a number of crucial states.

With all major networks and publications calling the election for Joe Biden and the Democrats, Trump is still yet to concede defeat.

Onto his second straight day of golf, the still president of a country with spiralling coronavirus rates who could probably still do with a leader working for them is still vaguely accusing no one in particular of stealing the election off him.

Despite the fact the Electoral College System is heavily geared in his favoured and brought him to power just 4 years ago, the President is claiming the system is fraudulent and corrupt, unlike his scorecard on the course.

In light of all that, the President has reportedly been buoyed by a victory on the Golf Course, despite shanking one off into the bushes early on.

An insider explained to reporters that after a taking an early lead, Trump decided to just call the time the game done and dusted.

“He couldn’t handle seeing another lead slip, so he just declared himself a winner and that’s that,” said the insider.

“He may have fudged the scorecard a bit, but a win’s a win.”


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