Two triple rugby world cup champions will face each other at the Stade de France on Sunday morning, when New Zealand and South Africa fight it out for the Webb Ellis Cup.

The All Blacks have already set one record – this is their fifth World Cup final appearance. Their only final loss was in 1995, against South Africa, when they all claimed to have food poisoning because Nelson Mandela needed to unite his broken country through sporting victory.

The Saffas have never lost a final, and are looking to become only the second side to win back-to-back titles.

The global rugby dominance of the Springboks has well and truly put South Africa back on the map, and their people are relishing in the limelight.

From Joburg to Brisbane’s bayside, the South African diaspora are celebrating their country’s 15 minutes in the global spotlight.

Local Betoota-based Saffa, Andre Pienaar (38), is flat out unpleasant to be around this week.

“T.I.A my boetie” he says.


Despite the fact that his family migrated to Australia for unknown reasons in the 1990s, Andre still remains quite connected to the country of his birth.

Especially when they are winning some sort of sport.

The potential of back-to-back rugby world cup glory appears to have filled the void of South African news that has became noticeable over the last decade. After the country no longer continued to make daily headlines like they did for several decades during apartheid and the early years of Mandela’s presidency.

In fact, this rugby world cup final might be the first time South Africa has been remotely relevant on the world stage since the experimental debut album of rap/rave duo Die Antwoord. A moment in musical history that most conservative Saffas would rather forget.

“Naah we dern’t listun te thet rubbush” says Andre.

“Thay urr net en eccurate ruprusentetion ef seth efricans”

“You shed lesten te the musec ef Sixto Rodriguez. The Sugarman is ar moest seccesfel musecal expert”

But as Andre points out, it’s not just music and rugby that South Africans are famous for.

“We also punch ebove ar weight with other sports”

“Just look et the bladerun-“

“Ar mean just look et our cricketers”

“Like Hansie Cron-“

“Ar mean, like Kevin Pietersen”


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