The nation’s new Prime Minister has today wowed the crowd of journalists following him around the country.

PM Anthony Albanese has struck envy into the hearts of journalists and cameramen by showing them some of the pictures from his luxurious overseas holiday.

A customary procedure after any overseas jaunt, the PM has pulled up some happy snaps from his trip to Ukraine.

Flicking between shots of bombed buildings, ambiguous rubble, destroyed cars, and general devastation in the war-torn country, it’s reported the PM has become the latest person to make his friends and acquaintances jealous about a mid-winter trip to Europe.

This comes as Albanese faces criticism from the Opposition and Murdoch media for taking an ‘overseas holiday’ while a national disaster unfolded in New South Wales.

That criticism comes from a party and media who defended Scott Morrison’s weeklong family holiday, which he took while the country was in the middle of devastating bushfires, and then refused to come home for a few days before eventually returning and blaming everyone else.

While Albanese left on a diplomatic trip well before the natural disaster occurred and returned home as soon as it become apparent what was happening, the Liberal and National Party have maintained that his travel has been way worse than their previous leader flying through a haze of smoke while the country was already on fire.

“Farkkkkk, how’s the nerve of the bloke,” said Opposition Leader Peter Dutton today.

“Look at those pics of Irpin”

“I mean Waikiki beach has got nothing on Ukraine”

“Middle of summer, free tour, first-class flights, and luxury accommodation.”

“The bloke’s pulling the piss”

More to come.


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