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The Tech World is abuzz this week after Elon Musk did some sort of weird thing. 

The thing, which proved the old saying that the only difference between eccentric and crazy is money was announced by Elon on Twitter, to the congratulations on fans, whilst others shook their heads and wondered what he was thinking. 

“I think it’s a ridiculous idea” said retiree Julie Petticoat, 78. “And how do we even know if dolphins like zero gravity? Sounds a bit cruel to me. And what sort of a name is ‘Elon’ anyway? That sounds like the sort of name a communist would have, if you ask me”. 

However, Brand Engagement Technician Zorann Cybarro said the thing was a great idea that only a visionary with billions of dollars would be able to pull off. “It’s genius, and very forward-ceptive” he explained, whilst sipping an unpronounceable drink in a café made out of a decommissioned bus stop which was made out of a decommissioned café.

“It’s the sort of thing that everybody says ‘hey I could have done that’, but only one person had the vision and future-spective to make it happen. And a shit-ton of cash. I do wonder how he’ll be able to get all the shaving cream in, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out”. 

Friend Elpine Da’Phlage agrees.

“If he says he going to do this thing, he probably will. Look at all the other things he said he would do, and then did. Why would this thing be any different? Let’s just sit back and see where he’s going with this thing without worrying about the logistics of the thousands of laser pointers or the giant magnifying glass”. 


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