In exciting entertainment news, Betoota will be home to a Hollywood film shoot today as a local gym-fluencer sets up for leg day.

While every dumbbell inside the Anytime Fitness at Betoota Heights gets flogged by the evening rush of local gym goers, The Advocate can report one squat rack has been shut down so a local girl can film their deadlifts.

Delivering a stirring inspirational speech to camera, local gym-fluencer and TikTok micro star Amanda Itsines-Smith, who goes by @BodyByMandy online, gave her play by play tips for a good workout.

“The key to my gym routine is focused workouts,” she delivered into her vlogging microphone, before repeating the phrase six times to make sure she got a good take.

“When I’m in the gym I’m purely focused on myself, I’m not thinking about the outside world,” she added, as she live streamed the speech to her Instagram audience of 12 keen followers.

Speaking to the manager of the local Anytime Fitness, Brett Glutebridge, the gym is struggling to manage the recent influx of influencers that feel the need to set up a vlogging tripod everytime they switch machines.

“Yeah it’s a problem alright, the gym already gets rammed in peak hour and we’ve got influencers carrying camera jibs around.”“We’re actually considering implementing a “vloggers hour”, kind of like the supermarkets, where anyone who wants to film their exercises can come in and capture their brainless content.”

“Outside of that we’re gonna ban any kind of vloggers equipment, people need to get in and get out without shooting a three hour Scorsese movie about how they get maximum adductor activation. We’ve had enough!”


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