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Australian hip hop band Hilltop Hoods has been blamed for causing confusion around the meaning of a ‘nosebleed section’, with many Gen X’ers and millennials wrongly believing it refers to a mosh pit.

The Advocate has learned of this Mandela effect after an rather mundane argument broke out amongst our team of interns in the office, who should have been slugging away behind their computer instead of having the audacity to speak.

Speaking to Effie, who only just got promoted to a paid role after threatening to tell Clancy’s ex wife about his Doge coin profits, the interns reckon that Hilltop Hoods has pretty much successfully tricked roughly half the population into getting the meaning wrong.

“The song says ‘for my people in the front, in the nosebleed section”, says Louis, 45, who just reached his six year mark at the Betoota Advocate, “I thought it meant the mosh pit because it can get violent?”

Stacey, 28, who just started an internship four months ago, says that she thought it was referring to getting damage from being so close to a sound system.

“What, I thought it meant right at the front?”

“That’s fucking stupid.”

The Advocate can confirm that the ‘nosebleed section’ actually means the upper tiers of a stadium, and refers to getting a nosebleed due to high altitude.

“Nah, I think mosh pit makes way more sense”, concludes Wendell, 29, our oldest and most treasured intern.

More to come.


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