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Global superstar Taylor Swift has sent shockwaves across the nation today, after announcing that she will no longer be coming to Australia next week in favour of having a week long bender with her boyfriend Travis Kelce, whose team, The Kansas City Chiefs just won their third Super Bowl.

Uploading a post to her instagram account at 3:20pm AEST, with the comments tactfully turned off, an apologetic Taylor Swift said she will no longer be including Australia in her Eras Tour due to it coinciding to closely with the Super Bowl – because even though her Aussie fans are important to her, football comes first.

Citing her busy workload as one of the causing factors, as well as Australia just being ‘so far away’, Swift asked fans to please extend her some empathy as takes a much needed week off.

“We must fight for our right to party”, Swift wrote, directly quoting Kelce’s Super Bowl speech , “see you next year, Australia!”


More to come.


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