The scriptwriters behind the National Football League are today basking in their own glory.

This comes after they pulled off the greatest Super Bowl script of all time.

With weeks and months of Taylor Swift storylines culminating in the meeting of the best defence against a couple of the greatest players of all time, Super Bowl LVIII didn’t quite live up to the hype in the first half.

However, it’s since become apparent that the dull first half was all part of the scriptwriting, with the people in charge of what happens on the field orchestrating an incredible second half.

That second half then lead to overtime, with play after player keeping even the most Swiftie and non-sports ball fans on the edge of their seat.

The script writers then nailed the perfect ending, by having the new GOAT march Taylor’s boyfriends team up the field and score a walk off touch down to win the game.

That crescendo was capped off perfectly with the cut to Taylor Swift and the people around her going bonkers to celebrate the win.

Those script writers have now firmed as strong favourites to win the Emmys, Oscars and every other award of the type.

More to come.


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