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In a heartwarming story emerging from Betoota Heights, a retail worker has gone above and beyond her regular duties to provide a new mother with the companionship she desperately needed, it’s reported.

Emma Lewis, an employee at Cotton On, found herself engaged in an unusually lengthy conversation with Clara Thompson, a new mother who had been struggling with the isolation of being at home alone with a baby all day.

Clara, who recently gave birth to her first child, says she’d found herself going ‘cabin crazy’, admitting that she fully planned to talk the ear off the first person to be nice to her.

“I’m used to working in a busy environment where I manage people, so suddenly being at home with nothing to do all day is driving me crazy.’

“I just needed to talk to someone who could respond with more than just coos and cries.”

Recognising Clara’s desperate need for adult interaction, Emma decided to forgo the typical quick exchange of pleasantries and instead, took the time to talk to have a chin wag.

“Yeah I’ve come to recognise the haunted stare of a new mum”, laughs Emma.

“Happy to help.”

More to come.


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