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A Betoota Heights woman has refuted the long standing argument that video games cause violence, by pointing out the low crime rates amongst millennial women who played The Sims.

Dana Manning, 28, tells our reporter that she’s never had any violent inclinations, despite having using some ‘seriously imaginative methods of torture’ to kill her Sim characters.

“I’ve done it all”, laughs Dana, “I’ve killed men, women…children.”

“In every way possible.”

Not looking the least bit ashamed, an excited Dana explains some of her ‘favourite methods.’

“I’ve set up a cheap, flammable couch in front of a fireplace in a tiny room with no doors, and watched as a Sim that looked like my teacher screamed and writhed around the floor in agony.”

“I’ve removed ladders from a pool and watched my Sim slowly die from exhaustion.”

“…made them piss themselves…forced old Sims root to death.”

“I’ve even made my own Sim graveyard.”

“But I have never, ever acted on these violent tendencies in real life.”

“And neither have any of the other women I know who played The Sims.”

“So there you go.”

More to come.


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