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It was touch-and-go at a Betoota Heights household this week, when Marketing Manager Jeremy (49) brought home a brand new flat screen “that’ll knock your socks off”. However, the purchase wasn’t well received by Jeremy’s wife, 45 year old HR Manager Camila-Rose, as Jeremy initially pitched the new investment to his betrothed as a ‘4K TV’.

Despite following the statement with a barrage of specs and details and an intricate walk-through demonstration of just how incredible his new baby is (“it almost hurts your eyes babe, that’s how clear the picture is, like it stings”); for Camila-Rose, everything after hearing ‘4K’ was drowned out in that kind of hollowed out droney blocked ears thing that movie characters get after receiving traumatic news. 

“Everything just went into slow motion”, Camila-Rose told the Advocate, “we usually discuss massive purchases first, especially something that’s going to set us back 4 grand that we’ll half heartedly watch while scrolling food tiktok”.

After figuratively screaming, crying and throwing up at the blow to their savings, Jeremy finally realised the miscommunication, and was able to assuage his wife’s menty-b by telling her that 4K actually referred to the TV’s screen resolution, not its price point.  

At the time of reporting it was advised that Jeremy was 25 minutes into figuring out how to turn off the motion smoothing, something he assures his wife “will really make a difference”.

More to come. 


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