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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Celebrations are heavily underway today as French Quarter resident and introvert Marya has reportedly discovered a hairdresser who doesn’t do small talk. 

After years of gruelling research and analysis involving extensive chit-chats, musings, “not much”’s, and “yeah pretty good”’s, the 33 year old Paralegal has stated she has finally found her ‘home’, her ‘nice quiet home’.

“For years I would spend at least an hour before every appointment psyching myself up in the mirror, preparing for every possible small talk scenario. How is my day going? Am I doing anything fun this weekend? Did I catch the Real Housewives last night? You know, spending days on the weather app studying the upcoming weather patterns so that I can comment on them”.

“But no more! Today I sat down in the chair of a new salon in town, my hands sweaty and mind racing, bracing for the inevitable question then follow up then more follow up then another question”, (it should be noted that what Marya is referring to here is a ‘conversation’), “but this beautiful angel, this quiet little angel, just asked me how I am and what I want, and the next 2 hours was spent in blissful silence. I think she’s my new best friend. Well, I don’t know her name or anything about her, but there’s something there”. 

After 20 minutes of interview Marya excused herself to go ‘recharge her social battery”. When asked if she would provide the salon’s name for reporting, she advised the Advocate “absolutely not, that beautiful wallflower is mine”.


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