Born and bred in Dalby in the Western Downs of Queensland, local fencing contractor Darren Berrigan (34) is not usually one to feel all that comfortable in airports.

In fact, they often cause him a whole bunch of stress. The type of guy who gets on a plane once every two years, it’s understood Darren this morning is on route to Southern Thailand to attend the wedding of his younger brother Shayne, who himself is a bit of a high flyer working in finance out of Singapore.

However the lucky tables have turned today as Darren experiences a taste of the high life, scoring some free tickets to lose his Qantas Lounge virginity.

While checking his bags through at the Qantas desk, it’s reported Darren was handed a charitable golden ticket from the booking attendant, gifted on the basis that the airport was pretty quiet and that she thought he was a little cute.

Now standing in the luxury ward of the airport, complete with USB powered workstations, free copies of The Australian and pleather lounges, Darren was stunned to witness just how well the other half fly.

Lining up for a freshly cooked omelette, quietly wondering whether he had to pay for it, Darren told our reporter he couldn’t believe that everything within reach was free.

“So this feed is free right?

”Darren asked, eyeing off a tray of freshly defrosted muffins next to the coffee machine.

“And the drinks too?”

Taking a glimpse at the sparkling racks of glassware and booze on display in the self-serve kitchenette, Darren’s eyes lit up when he spotted the golden glow of his favourite polar bear.

“You’re telling me I can free pour whatever the hell I want right now, even the Bundy?!”

Picking up an orange juice glass and giving it a spurt of Cola from the drinks machine, Darren decided to really juice the most from his luxury experience and start his flight with a Rum n’ Coke.

“I know it’s only 8am but as they say, when in Roma…”


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