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It is understood Billionaire tech titan Mike Cannon-Brookes may have been a poo-jogger in a former life.

This comes as the relatable everyman finds himself at the centre of a dramatic business spat with mining heavy weight, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, over the corporate structure of the Sun Cable project the two are heavily invested in. 

The two have publicly traded barbs recently, with both men implying the other is either incompetent or just a flat-out piece of shit. 

“Sure Brooksy knows tech, but he’s out of his depth with big infrastructure projects like this,” Dr Forrest told to the Advocate via wireless telephone.

“We’re not creating an app here, right. This is a 5,000 km transmission cable that crosses continents. Big boy stuff,” he continued.

Sun Cable is indeed an ambitious project. It will develop the world’s largest solar farm and battery storage facility in the Northern Territory, with a 5,000 km transmission cable to supply Darwin and Singapore with reliable and competitively priced renewable electricity.

But as the billionaire mud-slinging heats up, it turns out a transmission cable is not the only kind of cable being laid. Earlier today, witnesses claim they glimpsed Cannon-Brookes laying some cable of his own on the doorstep of Dr Forrest’s family home. 

“This is how we do it in the tech sector,” Cannon-Brookes reportedly grimaced as he pushed out his revenge.

Zipping up his jeans and fastening his belt, Cannon-Brookes was then seen grinning ear to ear, tipping his baseball cap to a bystander nearby before saying in jest, “I feel 3 kilos lighter.”

It is unknown how Dr Forrest intends to respond to this latest corporate challenge. But speculation is that Forrest may have already returned serve after he was caught hurriedly leaving the premises of Cannon-Brookes’ Point Piper mansion with his pants around his ankles only moments ago.

While the stinky game of pride-filled brinksmanship continues to escalate, at least shareholders are managing to see the positive side of the Rich Listers’ actions, claiming their welcome mat surprises are a symbolic herald of the successful future completion of the Sun Cable project itself.

More to come.


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