A laptop is getting hammered in a Betoota Heights study this morning, as a local personal trainer kickstarts his year with a complete brand overhaul.

After operating for the last 12 months under the name ‘Body by Jake’, it’s understood local burpee counter and former sports captain at Betoota Ponds High, Jake Dylan (31), has decided to freshen up his social media presence and design a new name and logo on Canva.

Pumping himself up for a morning on his Mum’s work laptop, Jake sipped on a protein shaker filled with a delicious mix of Guava flavoured pre-workout powder and BCAA’s whilst giving our reporter the hot scoop into his new branding.

“I was ‘Body by Jake’ last year but some guy who does bootcamps out of Wally Lewis Park copied me and started running a ‘Body by Blake’ operation, so I’ve got to do a complete rebrand.”

“People know me now so I think I need to take my name out of it, I’m going to run with ‘Elev8 Fitness’ I think”.

Infamous around town for regularly flogging his 8-week fitness challenge and being in the DMs of every single girl in Betoota, its believed Jake’s small business has gone under several name changes over the years including ‘JakeFit’, ‘Jake Factor Fitness’ and ‘Team Jake: Next Level Training’.

Asked whether the new logo change would be difficult to execute, Jake said he was well versed in the art of rebranding his business.

“Nah it’s not that hard to change, I’ve got Canva so I just rejig the colours and rip some new clipart logos off Google and I’m good to go.”

“I do a name change that often that I’ve learnt to keep my business name unconnected to my ABN, that way I don’t even have to get the tax man involved.”

“Anyway I’m celebrating the new launch with a $50 discount on my post Christmas fitness challenge, you gonna sign up or what?”


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