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A Betoota Heights woman has discovered just how cruel mother nature can be, after being with the cursed combo of acne and wrinkles at the age of 35, it’s reported.

Anna Malvern, admits that accepting that wrinkles and sagging were inevitable had been a struggle enough, especially as a woman, but that she’d been completely blindsided and enraged upon realising that she wasn’t in the clear with pimples either – having incurred a random bout of ‘adult acne’, that was rivalling her teen years.

“It’s not fair”, says Anna, as she gestures wildly at a huge blind zit on her chin, “how the fuck am I dealing with both wrinkles AND acne, at the age of 35?”

“I thought I was past all this shit?”

Showing our reporter a photo of her period breakout, which showed a constellation of blind zits across her jawline, Anna says she even knows people that are still getting pimples in their forties.

“Yeah it’s a bit of a fucking joke, I already did a round of accutane in my teens, I’m not doing it again.”

More to come.


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