It has been revealed that Rick Healy (28), a known mad man in his community, has his maps app set to satellite mode.

“It’s a more accurate representation of my surroundings, what’s wrong with that?” Said the crazed man.

The news has left neighbors scratching their heads and questioning their safety.

“It’s just absurd,” exclaimed Sandra Mathews (40), who lives two doors down from Rick.

“I mean, who does this guy even think he is? Does he know how it comes off? what a freak.”

The decision to use satellite mode on a maps app has baffled many, considering there’s a far more practical setting that’s also a lot easier on the eyes. Rick insists it’s no big deal.

“Look, I changed the setting one time and I never got around to changing it back because it doesn’t really bother me, I actually sort of like it.” Said Rick.


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