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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is today mulling up a breathtaking play to capture the voting population’s attention.

Lagging in the polls and seemingly unable to land a punch, Sunak is now considering whether he should follow in the footsteps of fictional British Prime Minister Michael Callow.

Callow rose to fame in the smash hit series Black Mirror, where he was forced to perform a very lewd act with some livestock to save a member of the Royal Family.

That act needed to be performed live on TV.

Now, with fumble after fumble, the current Prime Minister who decided to call the upcoming election without speaking to his cabinet first, is contemplating walking a mile in Callow’s shoes.

The shocking play which has been discussed by Rishi’s advisors follows the announcement of an election in the pouring rain for a reason yet to be ascertained, calls for the youth to be forced to do national service (despite the military explicitly saying this is a bad idea), dressing up Tory councillors as normal citizens for press conferences and a number of gaffes like wishing Welsh fans the best of luck in the Euros which they haven’t campaigned for.

That odd start to a campaign obviously follows a few years of upheaval in the Divided Kingdom, with a cost of living crisis adding fuel to a number of societal fires.

It’s unknown if Rishi and the team will follow through with the ploy, but a random disjointed press conference on the topic is expected shortly.

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