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Aussies will be relieved to hear that the cost of interstate travel has returned to normal levels of price gouging, now that pop sensation Taylor Swift has left the country to continue her worldwide tour in Singapore.

Having sold out her five stadium tours in Sydney and Melbourne, Swift’s tour saw hundreds of thousands of Australians (and poor New Zealanders) flock interstate, which has since been referred to as ‘the corporate Christmas’ for airline companies, who have revelled in jacking up the cost of an hour and a half flight to a staggering $2k return for those caught in the crosshairs – or up to $4k or more for Perthlings.

Fortunately, the cost to book a flight one month in advance has now returned to normal. In fact, if you’re alright with getting up at 5am on a Tuesday morning, you can fly Brisbane to Sydney return for just $400!*

*The flight might be cancelled and if you didn’t buy insurance that’s not their problem. Also if your luggage is 500 grams over the limit you will have to pay an extra $60.

Australians can now rest easy knowing that even though it only costs 70 euro to fly to another country if you’re in Europe, at least taking a two hour flight doesn’t cost as much as a second hand car.

For now, anyway.

More to come.


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