The nation’s brightest and most innovative rugby minds have today given themselves a long lunch, after ticking off a big item on the agenda – the food for Super Round.

Super Round is supposed to take place in Melbourne this weekend, with the geniuses who market the game putting it on the same week the NRL goes to Las Vegas.

The concept sees all 12 Super Rugby teams head to Melbourne for the entire weekend of fixtures to be held at the aptly named Melbourne Rectangular Stadium.

With a single handful of fans set to descend on Super Round in Melbourne this week, Rugby Australia’s big wigs have made sure to treat the loyal single Land Rover sized fan base with a nice menu.

“Bon appetite,” sighed one Rugby Australia barnacle a short time ago, after putting the finishing touches on a delightful spread for the big weekend .

“Fruits der mer old boy. Which for you peasants mean fruits of the sea.”

“We are serving only the finest of crustaceans to our fans.”

The barnacle told us that complimentary cheese boards will also be on offer for anyone who decides to attend.

“Come on down you Melbourne Demons fans, and give rugby a go!”

It’s hoped that a handful of Demons fans will be able to make it to the foreign stadium, essentially doubling the 7 tickets already sold.

More to come.


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