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A French Quarter bachelor has put the planet first this evening by using last night’s sheet of Glad Bake for his dinner tonight – effectively doubling the greased paper’s use.

Mark Oliver, a radio producer at KBBL 1449, had a six pack of name-brand Chicken Kievs last night that made one hell of a mess.

A mess localised to his favourite baking tray, baking paper and oven floor.

However, rather than simply clean up the mess like a simple-minded Nationals voter would do, the 27-year-old put tonight’s dinner down on top of it.

The diabetic Aquarius spoke candidly to The Advocate via telephone just a short moment ago where he explained why he did such a thing.

“Well, A, it’s better for the environment. The less waste the better, right?” he said.

Alone in his office after hours, our reporter nodded to himself.

“And, B, I wanted the [fish] fingers to soak up some of the Kiev sweat. For a bit of extra tang. I’ll let you know how it goes,”

“For desert tonight, I got a box of full-strength Cornettos. I made sure to get the ones rich in palm oil! Or as we in the business call it, orangutan juice.

Just before he hung up, Oliver said he was inspired to both save on money, waste and the environment by Scott (Scotty) Page, who is more commonly known by his stage name, The Barefoot Investor.

He said he hopes Barefoot, as he calls him, would be proud of him for being so frugal.

“If you’re reading this, Scott Pape, I hope you’re proud of me.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Pape for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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