A new statue erected overnight on the newly opened $5.6 million Bayshore Drive Roundabout at Byron Bay has been described as the most honest public artform since the Hollywood sign.

The sculpture, which looks eerily similar to body part most often associated with the foreheads of 90% of the Northern River’s population, is believed to have several million dollars, as the council does their hardest to find ways to spend money on anything but their imminent sewerage problem.

Council say they are pleased they are able to vaguely associate the artwork with other forms of infrastructure, such as the round-about it is attached to, which is looking to be operational before Christmas despite the rain during October and the disruptions the artwork has caused.

Locals say that while they realise the sculpture will result in some off-comments from bogans driving between the Goldie and Coffs, they are very happy to see some artwork that tests boundaries.

“I think it’s so brave,” says one local Charlotte Goode-Lyphe (33, head-to-toe in bone coloured linen).

“It’s very European. Cities that you don’t know much about… like Belgrade…”

“Europe has heaps of public art. Which in itself is enough for me. It might become our very own IAMAmsterdam sign”

One jet ski-owner who was driving south from the Goldie after a big weekend at the Cas says it’s a fuckin pissa.

“You know what it looks like, right?” says Brendan (41).

“Ha ha ha ha”


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