A woman was left feeling incredibly uncomfortable today after venturing into a boutique clothing/knick knack store.

Hayley Gordon, says she was in the middle of looking at some ceramic frogs when she felt the intense, hot stare of the elderly lady behind the counter.

As she moved further into the store, Hayley was shocked out of her skin to find the woman closely tailing her, meeting her eye every time she dared to look up.

It was made even more creepy by the fact that the woman didn’t appear to blink much or smile, instead looking desperately hopeful.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“Are you looking for anything in particular?”

When Hayley said she was just having a quick browse, the woman reportedly still continued to tail her through the store and comment whenever Hayley appeared to look at an object for more than two seconds.

“Oh yes, I have a similar set at home, but in blue.”

“My husband Martin used to collect those.”

“He’s dead now. Had the same things as Patrick Swayze”

“Happened so suddenly..”

“Oh those are nice too, they’d probably pair very well with your skin tone, dear.”

In a haste to exit the store, Hayley says she’d been guilted into buying a set of scented candles and a dragonfly brooch.

She has since vowed to never step foot into a small business ever again.


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