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Last night’s episode of Married At First episode has left viewers reeling in horror, as two key moments competed to take out the ‘what the fuck’ crown.

Kickstarting ‘confessions week’ which involves contestants going through a series of challenges designed to disrupt the relationship, Gold Coast kickboxer Jayden came in hot by revealing he once got back at a cheating ex-girlfriend by strongarming her into a forced cuckold situation – because nothing repairs broken trust more than rooting your girlfriends best mate in front of her!

But of course, one of the biggest ick moments came a from the ‘Hot Or Not’ challenge, where contestants are asked to rank, in order, who they believe is most physically attractive.

A challenge that SHOULD actually be pretty easy for anyone with a shred of empathy or emotional intelligence.

Whilst other contestants were quick to put their spouse first, 62-year-old motivational speaker Richard was all too happy to ogle some young ladies in front of wife and ray of sunshine, Andrea, as well as thoughtfully providing a running commentary of his thought process.

A moment that was expertly spliced together by edits, after the second oldest contestant, Timothy, refused to partake in the challenge in fear of being ‘a dirty old man.’

“Hmm, she’s a pretty stunning girl”, Richard had said, his eyes behind his thick rim glasses appraising the young contestants like a butcher finding the best cut of meat, “pretty hot body.”

After ranking three women young enough to be his granddaughter in his top three, and the other older woman as second last (though you knew he secretly wanted to put her last) Richard then dared to announce that Andrea looked pretty happy with her ranking, despite the fact that she was very obviously trying to hold back tears.

Luckily for Andrea, it’s unlikely any of the younger contestants would return Richard’s fervour, unless they enjoy the sweet sounds of a CPAP machine to drift off to sleep to.

More to come.


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