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In a world where young workers are often given a bad name for putting their own well-being before that of a giant multinational company, a local recruiter has revealed that a candidate that they’re putting forward for a job in construction management as been working since he was fourteen-years-and-nine-months-old.

And not just at some corner shop or family business, when Max Clarke was halfway through Year 9, he was putting together hamburgers at his hometown’s McDonalds.

Recruiter Tom English told The Advocate that he often keeps fast food work as an ace up his sleeve when the hiring process gets down to the nitty gritty.

“It shows that a candidate has work ethic,” he said.

“That they’re not from a place where one can simply layabout on a beanbag after school, chatting to friends on MSN and demanding to know where the Chicken Tonight dinner was. If you see McDonalds or any other carcinogenic food trough on someone’s resume, hire them. It shows that they’re not afraid to do hard work in the dark. Where people aren’t looking. Where people aren’t watching,”

“Those in the know know that fast food work is golden on a resume. Your run-of-the-mill migloo these days feels above that kind of work. Many see it as starting at the bottom. It shows a candidate has no ego. That they’re happy just to be employed and making a scratch,”

“Candidates that come to me that haven’t started working until after uni, they’re pathetic.”

Mr English said he’d be in touch when he knows the outcome of this particular hiring process but in his experience, it was already a done deed.

More to come.


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