A local man from our town’s CBD area has today spoken to The Advocate about his new lifestyle.

Andrew Simpson explained to us the process he went through to become a man who’s just genuinely trying to survive.

“Oh yeah, one day I just decided I might just go and live on the streets,” said Simpson.

“Like I thought it looked like a heaps sweet lifestyle.”

Simpson said it was nothing to do with the fact he grew up in a broken home with little family and community support around him, and has been unable to keep a job as he battles with ongoing mental health issues.

“I definitely didn’t slip through the cracks as man with no people to rely on trying to work a minimum wage job and keep a roof over my head while grappling with mental health issues which have lead to substance abuse issues.”

“I just thought living on the streets pleading with dead eyed strangers for money who accuse me of spending it unwisely, and moving from place to place because the cops move us on or the street cleaners get ordered to throw our shit in the back of the truck was an awesome gig.”

“I definitely wouldn’t prefer to be working in a stable job and living in subsidised social housing so I can get back on my feet and feel like a valued member of society.”

“No way!”

“Besides, I love the occasional lecture I get from someone who grew up in a 4 bedroom project home who has a large extended family who can support them in a variety of ways.”

“It’s all rosy out here. I could definitely walk in with my rancid clothes and unkempt appearance and get a job wherever I liked, but I just choose not too.”

“It’s all soup kitchen gravy out here baby.”


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