Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is reportedly at a crossroads today, as he works tirelessly to brainstorm a caption for a soon-to-be dropped Instagram post.

Parked up on the couch dual screening his socials with the latest episode of House of The Dragon, Albo is hoping to light up Instagram with a photo dump of his latest travels.

After travelling to London to participate in the Queen’s funeral, before jet setting back in time for the AFL Grand Final, Albo is allegedly pretty keen to show his 489 Instagram followers that he’s been living a pretty social life.

Dropping a question into a WhatsApp chat with his social media advisors, Albo is believed to be soliciting potential captions for a post that he plans to upload at 8pm tonight, the prime time for influencers who are thirstier than a Winton goanna for a few likes.

“Guys, what photo do you reckon I should include first?” Albo asked his support staff.

“Should I do the selfie with Liz Truss or that moody shot of Regent Street with the lone black cab?”

“Or the ‘come with me’ photo on Westminster bridge?”

Leaning into the Instagram trend of photo dumping, Albo has decided to attempt to summarise his last few weeks on the road with a lo-fi exploration of what he’s been eating and drinking, all captured through the lens of a vintage polaroid camera he once bought from the Glebe markets.

Hoping to lift the mood after a rather morbid funeral vacation, Albo told our reporter he’s managed to slip in a few playful shots of his time wandering London including a dining experience at the very aesthetic Sketch restaurant.

“I don’t wanna make it all doom and gloom,” said Albo as he adjusted a lightroom filter on his photo of a pie at the AFL.

“But I guess I should really include a Bunnies shot hey…”

“I did spot a Random Souths guy in the crowd at the funeral procession, maybe I’ll end with that for a laugh”.

More to come.


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