A suburban Rugby League ground is currently at the centre of a media storm, as they face questions over a major mistake made on the weekend.

The ground, once iconically named after it’s locality but now named after some large company looking for a unique marketing angle are under fire for failing to blast the Joker and The Thief over the sound system ahead of kick-off.

Questions are being asked of the staff, with heads set to roll as the club hosting their NRL game at the ground look for answers as to how the massive stuff up could have happened.

It’s believed the row started when Fox Sports started asking questions about where the obligatory pre-match song was.

A spokesperson for the club responsible explained that they hope to fully investigate the incident before the end of the week.

“Obviously, there was a massive mistake. We understand that people paid good money to attend the fixture and we apologise sincerely for the error,” the spokesperson explained.

“We have agreed with the Integrity Unit to solve the issue internally and can assure fans that it will not happen again.”

“We apologise sincerely again.”


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