Much to the amusement of many at the Betoota Dolphins club, it has been confirmed today that the Reserve Grade coach wasn’t actually joking when he said that there would be pre-season training this week.

Chris Walker has shocked the club and the members of the 3rd-grade squad when he posted a sternly worded message in the club’s Facebook about training actually beginning now.

It’s believed that the aspiring coach, who’s reportedly been taking his role a little bit too seriously, actually wanted his players to turn up for fitness and some drills this week.

However, that request was met with a somewhat appropriate response of rolling laughter.

A couple of members of the 3rd-grade team spoke to the Advocate about Walker’s ‘foolish’ plans.

“We all thought he was joking,” said the reserve grade prop.

“The first graders can go down if they want, but no lower grades train before Christmas anywhere in the country. It’s part of our clubs charter I’m pretty sure.”

“It’s a given. Pre-season doesn’t start till mid-January.”

The prop explained that you could imagine everyone’s amusement when the coach posted the spray in club’s Facebook group.

“Yeah, most of the boys started ‘haha’ reacting to his post, which hasn’t gone down well I don’t think.”

We reached out to the 3rd Grade coach who was still fuming when we spoke to him.

“Makes you wonder why I even bother doesn’t it,” said Walker.

“I’m trying to instil some fucking culture and bring about results,” said the man completely oblivious to how a lower grade team operates in a club.

“Fuck em.”





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