A court in Sydney has been left ruing technology today.

The court hosting the well publicised Chris Dawson case has been let down by its internet provider and has had to tell everyone to cool it until Monday.

Earlier today the judge was forced to adjourn the trial until the start of next week after persistent issues with the Wifi meant that they couldn’t get past the 2nd episode of the Teachers Pet Podcast.

Reporters and lawyers in the room sat painfully through the first couple of hours of the trial as the podcast dropped in and out, making for tough listening.

The popular podcast which has become popular across the country and the world recently, lead to ex Newtown Jets player Chris Dawson being arrested and charged with his ex-wife’s murder.

The podcast has received much acclaim, including a Gold Walkley and is now being used as the chief piece of evidence in the trial.

However, the court will now have to wait until Monday when all of the episodes have been downloaded properly to continue the trial.

Her honour was reportedly furious with the technical glitch and the delays that it caused today and promised those present that the matter would be sorted before the next hearing date.

More to come.


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