A young woman has revealed to The Advocate today that she is seriously contemplating whether it’s all worth it.

The permanent part-time employee at a store in Betoota Heights made the revelation after suffering through her third week of Christmas carols.

Carlie Jade explained that she is very much at the end of her tether.

“All I want for Christmas is for these fucking Christmas carols to stop,” Jade said.

“It’s been three weeks now of pretty much non stop Christmas songs and carols, because, ‘everyone loves Christmas carols.'”

“But, ‘everyone’ doesn’t have to listen to Christmas carols for 5 fucking days a week.”

Jade apologised for her swearing but said that her ears were at breaking point.

“I feel like my ears are bleeding. Honestly.”

“They are all terrible songs too. I don’t understand why mums and grandmas are such huge fans of carols.”

“I’m honestly wondering if quitting work, giving it all away and living a life of poverty would be better than listening to another week of carols.

Jade then explained that although she is looking forward to finishing up at work for the Christmas break, she knows it won’t be the end of the torment.

“I’ve told mum I’m going to make a scene if she insists on playing carols,” Jade said.

“But I know she won’t cave. It’s supposed to be the day when you relax, unwind and enjoy yourself but it’s just going to be painful.”



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