Walkley-award-winning rugby league oracle Danny Weidler has today announced he’s actually starting to feel bad for the fans, after the NRL manages to sneak in one more colossal off-field incident before the round one.

As Wiedler reported moments ago, Tyrone May has been arrested by NSW police in connection to the release of two sex tapes, just under an hour ago.

The 22-year-old has been arrested and is being interviewed but has not been charged, although charges are expected to be laid this afternoon.

“Now, I don’t usually say this kind of thing. But if you are a Penrith supporter, please make sure you are sitting down.” Weidler began.

“This is going to hurt. Get your kids out of the room”

As Weidler launched into his live-cross from NRL HQ, executives from the Penrith Panthers are reportedly furious to only find out one of their players has been arrested through a Weilder news flash.

The released a statement moments ago:

“For fucks sake”

“You reckon the cops could have given us the heads up”

With the Penrith Panthers currently in state of turmoil, police say they are also seeking the identity of the administrator of NRL Memes – who they say is at risk of having his hands chopped off by club loyalists.


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