Fox Sports has pulled off an ‘EPIC’ prank it can be revealed today.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate a producer from the sports media outlet explained that they actually just sent out a random old codger from the pub to speak on the NRL 360 program last night in the place of Buzz Rothfield.

“And no one even noticed,” laughed the Executive Producer of the program, Harry Grant.

“We found the old drunk down the road from our Artarmon Studios at the Rag and Famish and asked if he’d be up for a bit of a joke, and he went for it.”

The producer then told us that the bloke who enjoys middys of Tooheys New pulled the prank of perfectly.

“I don’t know if you saw the program, but the rest of the panel didn’t even notice that it wasn’t actually Buzz,” explained Simpson.

“He just drawled about random shit and Kenty was to busy trying to fire up about something that he didn’t even figure out it wasn’t Buzz he was ranting at.”

“I haven’t told Kenty, Hoops and Ikin yet, but it was pretty fucking funny I reckon. Anyway, Buzz should be back next week if you are one of those people who actually enjoy listening to him.”


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