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A woman who doesn’t give two shits about sports has this week been thrown into the deep end, as she witnesses a side to her husband she’s never seen before.

Zara Tully [26] is said to have known about Jason’s love of rugby pretty quickly into the relationship, but had been able to avoid seeing him go feral as she’d simply palm him off to his mates whenever some kind of footy night was going on – or ‘sports night’ as she’d call it, seeing as it could anything from rugby to F1.

Having absolutely no idea of what was going on, who was playing or what kind of ball shape it was, Zara unfortunately got a firsthand look at just how passionate her Penrith Panther supporting husband was this morning, after the two of them walked into a crowded cafe and he caught sight of someone wearing a Parramatta Eels jersey.

Out of nowhere, her previously calm and collected partner was seen transforming into a vicious heckler, practically foaming at the mouth after copping sight of some blue and yellow.

“Haha nah get fucked mate”, laughed Jason, aiming a spew of vitriol at a poor bloke just trying to tuck into a plate of eggs benny, “you got shit for brains or what? Fucking inbred.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“I mean, good luck HAA.”

“Last time you sad fucks won I was still swimming in my dad’s nutsack.”

More to come.


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