Rednuts everywhere have commended the English cricket side today, after taking to the pitch in South Australia with more rangas than any other professional sporting side in world history.

It was during the English anthem that the world was given a good look at the poms, lined up alongside one another with no hats or helmets, in the blazing free settler sun.

England’s ranga to non-ranga ratio has broken records today, with 4 bloodnuts out of 11. However, many flamelid purists would argue that they may in fact have 5 – that’s if we are counting strawberry blondes.

The closest ratio to this was last seen in the County Kerry Gaelic Football side, who took 6 of 15 rangas to their 2nd All-Ireland GAA championship in 1986.

However, as Gaelic football does not count as a professional sport, this record is not comparable to England’s performance today.

Australia is currently batting on the first day of the second Test at the Adelaide Oval today, against registering a dominant nine-wicket victory in the Brisbane test last week.

However, with only 1, arguably 2 rednuts in the Aussie side – it is not yet known if the hosts will be able to match the ferocity and short tempers of their sunburnt opponents.

More to come.


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