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A flight delay is usually cause for stress, hatred and outspoken women named Deborah.

However, in the Betoota airport this afternoon there is one group of women who are quietly cheering about the delay announcement.

Staff at luxury fashion retailer Camilla are preparing for what they call the Rich Rush, a phenomenon that occurs when flights to the Gold Coast and Bali are delayed at the same time.

‘Rich Rush’s’ are rare, there are only four ever recorded.

But for something that happens so infrequently, the staff at Camilla explained to The Advocate that the Rich Rush actually generates enough profit to justify the retailer staying open in the Diamantina.   

“I’ve seen one woman spend over $13,000 in a Rich Rush – it’s just insane”

“If it weren’t for the rushes we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay open”

“On a regular day we actually lose money, we just have to sell one kaftan to cover rent, but we often don’t even do that”

“Everyone else is irate, but that’s when we thrive.”

As the flight delays were only announced 20 minutes ago, the final results of today’s Rich Rush aren’t available, but The Advocate can confirm that they’ve already taken over $100,000 through the till.

More to come.


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