A seasoned AFL coach has today shown off his managerial nouse today by putting the fear of god into a promising young talent.

The Geelong Grammar product who ended up with a bit of first-team game time this year has reportedly grown a little too big for his boots around the Melbourne based Victorian Football organisation.

That has lead coach Gerrad Scott to pull young star in the making Tim Stephens into line by threatening to send him up north – to the Gold Coast.

“Yeah look, he’s a good kid, but he’s started pissing around at training, undermining the older heads at the club and acting like he’s a guaranteed future All Australian, and that doesn’t fly down here,” said Scott.

“Just like any club in any code, the most important word around our organisation is culture, and he needs to know that if he wants to drink from the fountain of football fame in this city, he needs to adhere to our culture.”

“So I told him, if he doesn’t start marching to the beat of our drum, he’s off to the fucking glitter strip.”

The Advocate has been informed that the perennial wooden spooners the Gold Coast Suns have been increasingly used as a threat to badly behaving players, with draft trade offers slammed on the change room tables across the nation.

“It’s as big a threat as you can make,” said coach Scott.

“And he’s taken it seriously and will address his attitude.”

“So hopefully we don’t have to send him.”


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