An ageing Jordan Blayne blew a group of grown men away last night after turning up to interleague training in his U16’s representative guernsey.

The physiotherapist from Bendigo turned up last night in the jersey that reminds him of a time when he had still had dreams, hopes and aspirations.

As Blayne imagined, all of the other blokes at the trials were quite impressed by the show of colours.

“Wow. Under 16’s Rep Footy. He must have been some player,” said Aaron Downton.

“I may as well go home now. No point trying out. He must be a shoe in. Can’t really see how the coaches won’t pick him,” Downton said.

Blayne, a country footy player whose body is starting to let him down told our reporters that these trials are about keeping the flame alive.

“Yeah a professional-or semi-professional footy career is over I guess, but I can still get around the park and it’s nice to really test myself against some other blokes with a bit of talent you know,” Blayne said.

“Oh this guernsey, yeah it’s just a really nice cut and make man, not a big deal.”

“Anyway, It would be great to get picked, for a number of reasons really. I mean and I would have the ability to go back to club training and just stand around in trackies alongside the coaches and skip on any of the shit fitness work and drills.”

“And obviously cause I’ll get a weekend away from the misso to sink piss, punch darts and story battle the other blokes about who was the unluckiest in terms of footy career trajectory,” he said to our reporters.


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