A small Australian town has reached into the 20th Century book of regional promotion by hosting a historic car show.

Known for being frequent travellers who can really take a joke at their own expense, historic car owners are always looking for an excuse to take their baby out, especially when there is an actual destination involved.

It’s for that reason that the perpetually up-and-coming town of Mt Quilby, just two hours south of Betoota as the crow flies, has decided to host a historic car show in several of the thrice-abandoned empty lots that make up 80% of the town’s CBD.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the classic cars and their leather jacketed owners rolled into town much to the delight of every business owner, especially the owner of the town’s 1950s style diner.

But just 12 hours later, Mt Quilby residents were learning the hard way that classic car owners only put their disposable incomes towards one thing.

“A few of them popped their bonnets and I could see engines that would be worth more than I’ve ever paid my staff,” said Bob Clarke, owner of Clarkey’s Old Time Home Down Family Diner and Pokies Lounge.

“Then they popped the boots which were stacked with eskies full of sandwiches and bevvies.”

“After that they rolled out the swags and said they’d see us tomorrow.”

At the time of writing, it is believed the only money any of the classic car tourists have spent is on premium petrol at Quilby Fuel, Gruel & Passport Office, owned by the town’s already wealthy mayor Garth Guinness.

“Even then I haven’t sold as much as I thought I would, I think some of them have brought their own fuel with them,” stated Guinness, who still hasn’t gotten the memo about the whole ‘no smoking darts near the pumps’ thing.

One plus side to the historic car show is the town is now free of any empty can litter as the historic car owners collect the lot so they can return and earn to get some money for a few decal bids on eBay.


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