According to the CSIRO, more time at home has seen experimental dinners increase at a rate unseen since the 1970s when international TV chefs challenged the notion of having a roast every night.

There’s no denying this has led to several controversies including multiple households having to suffer through Jamie Oliver style recipes that require an ensemble cast of ingredients and results in meals that make up in quantity what they lack in being edible.

One such controversy is known as the Horton Street ‘Pie Incident’ in Betoota Heights where family matriarch, Rozz Gibson (55), under-delivered on her promise of a family pie.

At 11:50 am, Gibson’s adult son and apprentice shopfitter, Riley Gibson (19), hit up the family chat to ask mum what was for dinner in the style of a medieval British lord returning from battle.

Later, at 12:05 pm Rozz informed Riley dinner would be a steak and onion pie, to which Riley replied ‘You beauty’ blissfully unaware of his mother’s deception.

“Wait, what the fuck is this?” witnesses heard Riley say as he sat down for a dinner he had neither made nor paid for.

“Mum! This is just a casserole with pastry on top! Filo! Not even puff! Mu-um!”

At the time of writing, Rozz Gibson is believed to have been stood down as family food provider awaiting trial for the ‘Pie Incident,’ a term the remainder of the Gibson family is hoping the media will begin to call the ‘Casserole Incident.’

More to come.


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