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In the the state of Victoria enters the last days of campaigning ahead of the election, the man hoping to dethrone Premier Dan Andrews is once again in damage control.

The Victorian Liberals have admitted today that running controversial alt-right figure, Hando From Footscray, was a mistake.

However, Opposition leader Matthew Guy has said the party stands by Hando’s preselection but if he’s elected on Saturday, he will not be in the party room should the Liberals win power.

The move comes after a controversial documentary about Melbourne, Romper Stomper, was aired on SBS overnight that showed Hando using racist language and committing a litany of criminal offences that would even curl Andrew Bolt’s toes.

Speaking to the media in Melbourne this morning, Mr Guy said ultimate responsibility for this oversight lies with him as party leader.

“Having reviewed the footage of Hando booting people and using disgraceful, racist language, I can assure the people of Melbourne that should we win power and Hando be elected, he won’t be in the party room,” he said.

“It’s just too late to find another quality candidate to run for the Liberals in Northcote, which is one electorate we had our eyes on at this election. Honestly, it’s language that most teals use when they’ve had a few wines at a dinner party. When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound as bad,”

“But yes, that footage of him, uh, you know. Putting his hands on people. It’s not a good look. It was a mistake to have him run in the first place.”

More to come.


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