In a big step towards eradication of toxic masculinity, local tradie Henry Willis (25) broke new grounds today by drinking some water. 

Known for making up 70% of everything, water (known in New Zealand as ‘plain beer’) has been a staple of the human diet since we’ve been walking on land, iconic for it’s unchanged recipe of two parts hydrogen for every one part oxygen. 

Although needed by every living thing to continue existing, Willis has often noted how water has been ignored on worksites in favour of energy drinks, Coke, sports drink and iced coffee.

The heat got too much for Willis today however as he shattered the boys club by taking a big, refreshing swig of water in front of everyone. 

“Some of the guys gave me a hard time about it,” stated Willis, refreshed from his recent bravery. 

“But I could tell they wanted a sip, their lips were all foamy and started cracking as they asked me if I kept the water in my bra.”

Willis then doubled down during knock off drinks and ordered a seltzer instead of the traditional lager causing several of his co-workers to attempt to glass him where he stood.


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