A former backpacker is stuck reliving memories of travels past, as he works through a long list of Facebook friends that need to be culled.

Despite deleting several primary school connections and a collection of weird people he once did a University group assignment with, it appears former European party boy, Sam Wilton, is holding off deleting a German girl he once snogged on a dance floor in Budapest.

The decision to leave the now Hamburg based Lawyer, Petra Schäfer, as a friend is all the more curious considering Sam is now himself a father.

Speaking rather guiltily to our reporter, Mr Wilton admitted to The Advocate that he wasn’t quite ready to bid farewell to treasured memories of drinking himself sideways on a beer bike, dropping two Mercedes and pashing a stranger in a Ruin Bar.

“Mate, gimme a break, I’ve gone from A-P on my friends list and I’ve managed to delete about 45 people tonight,” said Mr Wilton.

“Me and Petra go back a long way, and whilst we only spent a very short amount of time together, I can’t delete her now… that would just be rude.”

When quizzed on the reasons for keeping his long-distant lover within messaging distance, Mr Wilton told our reporter he had plans for further European travel.

“Well, you never know when you’ll need a place to stay in Hamburg hey?”

“Surely the Rugby World Cup will do a stint in Germany one year, then I can hit Petra up and see if she’ll show me and the family around the city!”

“I mean it’s probably going to be difficult explaining to my wife and kids how I know her, but yeah…”

Upon deep reflection on the difficult marital hurdles needed to jump to ask Miss Shafer, who is now also married, for some Germanic hospitality it’s believed Mr Wilton bit the bullet and hit delete.

“Fine she’s gone!”

“But no more questions, there’s a bunch of Sofía’s and Viviana’s coming up and you don’t need to know where I know them from!!”


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