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When local woman Laura Stanmore had rapidly clicked ‘yes’ to her school reunion, it hadn’t been from the goodness of her heart. 

In fact, though she’d quite liked the people of her grade, she hadn’t really felt the need to keep close tabs on anyone, save for the few late Instagram scrolls playing her favourite depressing game – who’s married, who’s bought a house and who started an MLM scheme.

What Laura really wanted, what she yearned for, was to uncover some juicy life changing gossip or at least to witness a former goody two shoes getting wreckit ralphed at the open bar.

Unfortunately for Laura, the reunion was not only mind numbingly boring, but half of them appeared to be doing better than she was – which was the exact opposite of what she wanted to achieve by going to this goddamn thing.

“Fucking nothing”, says a defeated Laura, “no fights, no embarassing drunken behaviour. No horrendous filler work.”

“Why did I even go?”

Seeing as it’s incredibly uncommon for school reunions to not have at least one shameful standout, it can only be assumed that person might have been Laura.

More to come.


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