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Dr Benjamin Fergus has done more study and training than pretty much all Australians combined. 

Not only did he spend 7 years studying to end up with a postgraduate medical degree, he also spent 2 years working as a shit kicking intern at the severely under resourced Betoota State Hospital, before doing another 5 years of anaesthetic training to become an Anaesthetist and opening his own private practice.

Over those years he basically ate shit from his superiors while also eating more shit from ungrateful patients and their families. He did this 13 hours a day, 8 days a week, all the while rotating between weeks of night shift then day shift, leaving him no time or energy for any kind of personal life.

Then he heard about ‘quiet quitting’. Where one does the minimum requirements of one’s job and puts in no more time or effort than absolutely necessary. And it’s something the good Doctor says has changed his life.

“It’s not all about work,” a relaxed looking Dr Fergus told the Advocate from the comfort of his lake side holiday house. He was there for an impromptu long weekend away, enjoying the clean country air.

“Ah, nothing like the great outdoors,” he smiled before casting a line into the lake. “There’s no fish in there,” he confided in our reporter, “but that’s beside the point now isn’t it?” He gave our team a wink and threw us a beer from the esky.

Dr Fergus explained that since deciding to quietly quit 8 weeks ago, he has started to feel joy again. An emotion he has not experienced in over 10 years. This joyfulness makes him a pleasure to be around, the Advocate can confirm.

“My only problem is that my patients’ families have my mobile number,” he said precisely as his phone started ringing. He checked the number.

“Fucken Robyn Miller again!” Letting the phone ring out, he gazed off into the majestic mountain scape beyond the lake.

“Her daughter had a baby the other day. Caesarean. Messy. Man, you miss one childbirth and they never forgive you!” The anaesthetist placed two slices of cucumber on his eyelids and sighed.

“Patients with chronic pain really are a chronic pain, am I right, haha?!” 

“These people need to get off my back and get a life.” 


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