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Whether he’s burning steaks or shingling cheddar over a chicken parmigiana, it’s safe to say Dale Poing’s passion lies within the culinary arts.

He returns to work often without washing his hands, rarely acknowledging anybody on the pass with more than a grunt.

There’s pub chefs – and then there’s Dale.

The 28-year-old used to work at the local Merivale hotel in town, The Dickless Parrot on Vulture Road in Betoota Heights, but he said he didn’t go to chef school to learn what ‘gruyere’ is.

So now he works at the South Betoota RSL where he’s free to abuse people and put his entire paycheck down Pelican Pete’s gullet.

However, the spritely Virgo spoke exclusively to The Advocate this morning about his craft and how he’s recently shown a commitment to his job.

“Look at this, you pencilneck fuckboy,” he said to our reporter.

Poing rolled up his sleeve and unpeeled the protective Glad Wrap cover.

“This is called a pepper grinder. We in the industry use it to transform pepper from it’s original seeded form to a fine (or course) powder that adds spice to dishes,”

“I got it because I’m a chef and this is what I do. I make food and then I go home. There’s a lot of drinking and watching European sports. I don’t even like soccer, it’s for wallys. But it’s the only thing on after my shift so I go for Liverpool. You’ll never walk by yourself!”

Our reporter declined Poing’s offer of a free pint of postmix pub squash and left.

More to come.


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